“After 10 years of wine bar, in which I bought wines without any logic other than that of sympathy for the sales agent on duty, one day I happen to taste a bottle of wine that was identical to the same wine from the previous year. Moreover, the same bottle was sold from a neighboring place for half the price.
In that moment, driven by passion, curiosity and commercial need, I start looking for wine around the world.
This is how Social Wine was born, with the aim of creating a new ‘business ecology‘ between winemaker, distribution, host and final customer.

Gianluca Di Tillio

We respect everyone’s work

We value the Innkeeper and the Winemaker who make good wine accessible, because a good quality / price ratio means making the wine supply chain sustainable and improving everyone’s quality of life.

In order to be able to do his job, the Innkeeper must be able to be free from stringent economic logic and buy only the wine he needs, according to the needs of his wine list.
On the other hand, the artisan winemaker, who puts passion and effort, who respects the soil and faces the risk of making a wine with an uncertain outcome every time, deserves that his work is adequately recognized.

Social Wine recognizes and respects their commitment to maintain a reasonable price, maintaining it in turn and eliminating any intermediation.

We have
no commercial agents

We believe that the best promoter of a good wine is the Host who offers it to its customer, so Social Wine does not make use of a network of commercial agents.

This is because, in our experience, we have found that meeting with the sales network often takes time and energy, finding things on paper that are not functional to your idea.

We think in the world of wine there are no gurus, the choice of wine shouldn’t be lowered from the top of our experience, but is the result of dialogue with the Host, because it is his choice, the answer to his need.

We focus on the Host

The Oste then returns to its central role in educating the customer to drink well.

This is why Social Wine is aimed only at the innkeeper and not at the private sector. We care so much that we exclude selling wine online. Many winemakers ask us, rightly, and we agree with them: their wine must be offered by those who take care of it, by those who know what they are talking about.
Then the Host becomes the real intermediary between the Winemaker and the customer: it is the Host who chooses, expresses, guides, accompanies the customer on the journey he has designed for him.

We aim for the essential

In order for the Host to express itself in the role that belongs to it, it is necessary that he doesn’t waste time, energy and money in useless processes.

While for the advice and constant comparison on the news in the catalog we provide our experience and our passion, to proceed with the purchase of the wines the host already knows he wants on the menu we have created the Social Wine App (available from May 2022).
In this way, the payment will be immediate and you will have immediate perception of the state of affairs, avoiding surprises and debts.

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