In defence of soils

Through the selection of the wines in the catalogue, Social Wine wants to spread the values of care, ecology and sustanability.
We are looking for artisan winemakers who, taking care of the soil and the territory, make good, authentic, personal, non-standardized wine.
We pay particular attention to small wineries that take care of the soil, that make a living wine, without invasive interventions in the cellar.
We don’t look at certifications or denominations, but at the real facts and the goodness of the wine.

Business Ecology

The work of the winemaker must be valued and protected, so the wine commercial chain must be rethought.

By eliminating sales agents,

  • we select restaurants and wine bars where the restaurateur fully understands and personally promotes the work of the winemaker
  • we reduce steps and have a pricing policy that respects the work of each node in the supply chain: we want happy winemakers and also we don’t allow crazy price increases

By choice we do not sell wine online to the final consumer, instead we work so that the restaurateur can regain the role of taste educator: in our opinion, the central node for a ‘new’ wine culture.

Good ideas must be spread

To spread a different wine culture, artisan winemakers must make their voices heard.
Good wine must be told and we don’t think it’s right that large industrial wineries have a monopoly on communication channels.

This is why Social Wine collaborates with marketing professionals, who care about the nature and soil, to offer

  • visibility and positioning on the market, from the label to the website
  • training and support in online and offline communication (social networks, but not only)

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